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This page explains the most interesting parts of this website and provides answers to the questions we are asked most often.  Please take a minute to read it.  We promise to surprise you with all sorts of unique features and helpful tips. :-)

General Questions:

Questions About Specific Features:

Questions About Our Special Sections:

Questions About Behavior:

Other Interesting Questions: is an online video network connecting men and women from all over the world through high-speed live video chat with full audio support.

When you first arrive at our site, you will be granted only Guest privileges.  This means that every time you enter a chat room, you will be given a random nickname like "Guest1234".  Your font in the chat room will be very small.

Unfortunately, guests sometimes cause problems in chat rooms, so models are often reluctant to chat with them and have the ability to "silence all guests" which unfairly hurts the good guests who are just getting to know our site.

So the obvious thing to do is to Register for Free.  All you need to do is choose your username and password, and enter your e-mail address for verification.  Your username will become your nickname in future chat sessions.  This will be your free lifetime membership to, meaning you can come back any time you want and chat with the same name for free. 

Once you login to your free account, you will be able to chat with the models and your font size will be bigger.  You will have access to a ton of features listed below, and everything is always free.  We only ask you to register so we can keep a friendly community.  We may send out a newsletter once or twice a year, never any spam of any kind (read our Privacy Policy).

After you spend some time on our website the differences will be clear.  Key points:

1) Our commitment to our models.  We collaborate with our models as partners and pay them much more than any other site.

2) Our commitment to our members.  We are fanatical about making sure that all of our members are completely satisfied.  From small technical support issues to developing new features on our site, we are here to listen to our members and make them happy.

3) Our commitment to technology.  We are computer geeks.  We have built a website that is BY FAR the most technologically advanced webcam site on the Internet, with hundreds of original and innovative features that allow a much more personal interactive experience.

4) Our commitment to FREE.  This site offers more free features to our guests and members than any other webcam site on the Internet.  The ONLY thing you can choose to pay for is the private time of the models. 

Once you register for free you'll no longer be a guest but a full registered member of our site.  The table below shows only a small sample of the many features you can access FREE as a member.

Access to... Guest Registered Premium*
Model video FREE FREE FREE
Large video FREE FREE FREE
Unlimited access Usually FREE FREE
Private shows No No 60 tokens / minute
Spy on pvt. shows No No 20 tokens / minute
Pvt video archives No No FREE
Watch in PM window No FREE FREE
Model Chat room FREE FREE FREE
Name and font Guest Registered Premium
Basic emoticons No FREE FREE
Extra emoticons No No FREE
Chat History No No FREE
Mail members No No FREE
Mail models No No FREE
Private messages No FREE FREE
Friends list No FREE FREE
PM members No FREE FREE
PM offline models No FREE FREE
PM online models No No FREE
Make your profile No FREE FREE
Post on walls No FREE FREE
Share photos No FREE FREE
Cam 2 Cam No No FREE
E-Mail/SMS Alerts No No FREE
The Lounge No No FREE
Customer Support "We try to help!" "We really try to help!" "We will do anything for you!"




(with token purchase)

*You automatically become a premium member once you purchase tokens the first time on our site.  Then you remain a premium member forever.  No additional charges ever.

"Premium Member" is just a fancy term we use to describe any member that has purchased tokens at our site at least once.  So if you have ever spent money on our site, you are a premium member.  There are NO additional fees or charges, its absolutely free and you will remain a premium member for life.

The best part is that you get access to ALL of our amazing features.  There are really too many to list but for a quick glimpse of the most common features, check out the table above.

Basically, being a premium member gives you access to EVERYTHING.  Even if you choose to buy our lowest-priced bundle of tokens for $20, you will be instantly upgraded to a premium member for life.  We guarantee you that this is the best value for your money you'll ever see.  If you disagree, Contact Us and we will refund you!
The only thing that costs money on our site are tokens that are used for private shows, group shows, spy shows, and tips.  Remember, a premium membership on our site is absolutely free and granted to your account automatically with your first token purchase.  You keep your premium membership forever even if you never purchase tokens again.

You can purchase tokens in various pre-determined quantities.  We try to build in a discount for larger purchases but we have very little leeway since most of the money goes to the models.

Here are the current token quantities and prices that we offer.

200 Tokens for $19.99 (approximately $0.10 per token)
550 Tokens for $49.99 (approximately $0.09 per token)
900 Tokens for $74.99 (approximately $0.08 per token)

Larger token packages will be automatically made available on your account after being a premium member in good standing on this site for several months.  If you have been a member for a long time and you would like to buy tokens in larger quantities, please Contact Us and we will try to help you.

Your credit card will be billed discreetly.  To see the exact wording of what will appear on your credit card statement, please see our Billing Support page.

NOTE:  You may not be able to see or access one or more of these options if your account has purchase limits on it.  Limits are placed on accounts of new users who do not yet have a good track record with our site.  For example, you are likely restricted in how many tokens you can buy or hold in your account, as well as what token options you are allowed to buy.  Please visit your My Account section for more information.

Once you have tokens in your account, you can take a model into a private show or if a model is in a private show already you can spy on it using our voyeur show feature (unless the TruePrivate option is being used).  You can also initiate or join a group show or send a model a tip.

Private shows cost 1 token per second, or 60 tokens per minute.  That means that if you want to stay in private for 5 minutes, then you will need 300 tokens.

Voyeur shows cost one-third of a private show, or 20 tokens per minute.  That means if a model is in private for 5 minutes and you are spying on her show the whole time, that will cost you 100 tokens.

Unlike other live webcam sites, we charge you on a per-second basis, not per-minute.  So if you only want to be in private for 90 seconds, you will only use up 90 tokens, not 2 minutes worth.

Pretty much all of it.  We attempt to cover our costs for running the website but after that, virtually ALL of our revenue goes to pay our models and their agents or managers.

This is what makes us so different from our competitors.  Other live webcam sites pay models 20% or less and treat them like slaves.  At MyFreeCams, our models are our top priority.  Not only do we pay them MUCH more than any other site, but we treat them with the respect that they deserve and often work hand-in-hand with them to develop new features for our site.

We do not spend a lot of money on advertising and we do not run a costly affiliate program.  Instead, we rely on our members and models to spread the word about this site.  We generally keep our expenses as low as possible so that we are able to send the great majority of our members' spending on this site directly to the models.
What happens in a private show is strictly between the member and the model to decide.

Unlike other sites, we do not require models to do specific things or follow a script.

Generally speaking, most models are comfortable getting naked and fulfilling the requests of members.  However, it is a good idea to send the model a private message and ask her what she is comfortable doing in a private show.

Remember that some models are more shy than others and may want to get to know a member before getting into a private show.  Everyone is different. :-)

If you are unhappy with your private session for any reason or if you experience any technical problems please end your private session right away and Contact Us and we will try our best to credit you.

Remember, all of your private shows are archived to your account so you can watch them again any time you like for free.  They are located in your Archives section in your My Account page.

Note: To "go Private" simply click the Go Private link under any model's webcam when she is in public chat, or click Go Private in your Private Message window while talking to a model that is in public chat.

While a model is in a private show with another member, you may have the opportunity of watching the video at only 1/3 of the cost of a private session or 20 tokens per minute.  You will receive all of the video and audio from the private show.  However, you will not have access to the private chat between the model and the member in private.  You may not interact with the model but only watch the action as it is being directed by another person.  This is a great option if you want to watch private performances inexpensively.

Note:  If the user in the private show activates our TruePrivate feature, this will prevent anyone from using our Voyeur/Spy feature to watch that show, and the link to spy on the show will not appear.  Sorry guys. :-)
Answer:  The Group Show feature allows 3 or more members to be in a private room simultaneously with a model.  A member can click the Group Show link above the chat room to initiate or join a Group Show request.  Once at least 3 members are requesting a Group Show, the model will be asked if she would like to do a group show.  If she accepts, the Group Show will begin.  once a Group Show is happening, members can enter or leave the Group Show at any time.  The Group Show ends when either the last member has left, or the model chooses to end it.

To be in a Group Show room costs only 10 tokens per minute, so one token is deducted from members in the room every 6 seconds.  This is a very low price (half the price of even a voyeur show!), which is why members are encouraged to Tip the models, especially for personal requests.  The site does not require members to tip a certain amount, but rather leaves this entirely up to the model. 
If a member does not want others to be able to spy on his private show, he can activate the TruePrivate option in the My Account page, in the Private Settings section.

This will increase the cost of the private show from 60 tokens per minute to 80 tokens per minute.  This increase helps offset the revenue lost by the model since no one else can pay to watch the show.

Please do not feel obligated to use this feature.  We only developed it after requests from some of our members.

The Tip feature is just a way for users to transfer tokens to a model's account.

Tips are 100% optional, they are not required in any way.  Some members like to give tips after a private show, while other members prefer to give tips to a model while she is public chat for simple personal requests or just to be nice.  Whether (or how) you use the tip feature is entirely up to you.

Please remember that tips do not change the rules for what models are allowed to do on the site, particularly in Public Chat.  Tips are gifts and not bribes so please do not send tips and then demand something in return, that's not fair to the models.  Tips cannot be reviewed or refunded by our support team.

"Away-Private" is the term we use when a model is in a private show on another webcam site.  Members can still spy on the show if they want.

"Away" is when a model is just away from her camera for a minute.
Yes, premium members can send Private Messages to models any time.  Simply click on a model's name and a Private Message window will open with that model.  Inside that window you can chat privately, watch each other's webcam, and use other cool features.

You can also click on any member's name to send them private messages or click  "Send a message" on in your personal menu on the right side of the website to send a private message to anyone you want.  You can even send messages to people that are offline and they will receive them when they sign back in, just as you receive offline messages when you sign on.

Additionally, you can use our MFC Mail feature to send longer private messages to models and users.  Feel free to use whatever method you enjoy more. 

Yes, we offer a feature called Online Model Notifications that will send you an alert by e-mail or SMS text message to a phone when your favorite models sign on.  Simply go to the My Notifications section in your My Account page where you can set up your custom alerts.  This service is absolutely free for our members; we pay the cost of sending SMS messages ourselves.
If you are a premium member, you can insert images into chat by clicking on the image icon next to the smiley face icon, all the way on the right side of the text input box of any chat room.

Simply click on that icon and enter the URL of any image.  You can also just enter the URL of the image right into the chat.  For example, if you wanted to insert the Google logo, you would enter the URL

You must enter the FULL address or URL, always beginning to "http://" and always ending with a proper image extension such as .GIF or .JPG or several others.

You can insert any image you find on the Internet.  To locate the URL of any image, simply right-click on it with your mouse and select properties and then highlight the entire URL and press CTRL+C to copy.  Then you can paste that URL by pressing CTRL+V into the insert image dialog.  To find cool images easily, we recommend the Google Image Search.

Warning: Please DO NOT post any inappropriate, pornographic, violent, offensive, or disruptive images.  Please do not post pictures over and over, do not post pictures that are irrelevant, or that just disrupt the flow of the chat or annoy the members of the chat.  We have added this feature so everyone can have more fun and express themselves.  Please do not make us suspend your account due to abuse. Have fun!
Premium members can turn on their own webcam at any time and show it to models or other members, absolutely free.  Just click the "Start My Webcam" link on the top-right of the website to start your webcam, and remember to edit your preferences in your "Personal Options" to set who is allowed to view your webcam.

Privacy Note:  We are committed to protecting the privacy of our valued members.  When your webcam is active, only the people that you have allowed access are able to watch you.  Even the administrators of this website do NOT have access to your webcam and you are not being recorded.  So have fun! :-)

If you have any problems, please read our Technical Help page about this topic which contains a step by step explanation for starting and troubleshooting this feature.

All of your private shows are automatically saved for you forever on your Archives page.  Additionally, all of your chats from chat rooms and private messages are also automatically saved for you.  You can clear your chat archives and videos using the links provided.

To accommodate a growing number of models from Asia, as well as fans of those models, we have created a separate Asian Homepage where you can see all Asian models online at MyFreeCams right now.  The highest rated Asian models will also be shown on our default homepage to encourage fans of both homepages to visit the other.  The Asian Homepage also has its own Asian Lounge where fans of the Asian Homepage can hang out and chat!

Also, you can go directly to the Asian homepage by typing in the following URL:
The Lounge is a special chat room only for premium members.  Guests, basic members, and models are not allowed inside.  The lounge is always listed as the last model-style avatar on the homepage or in any chat room.  Administrators sometimes visit the lounge to chat with the members and get feedback on the site.

In addition to being a fun and friendly place to chat, the Lounge offers a unique live video control where members can automatically or manually browse through all of the live models on the site and even spy on private shows that are happening (the same rules and token costs apply).

Remember, models cannot see who is watching them from the lounge, and they cannot see what you type in there.

By default, the lounge will cycle through all models in public chat.  You can choose how many seconds the video will stay on each model before going to the next one by clicking the numbers in parentheses below the webcam, or even clicking the Pause link to stop the cycle.  You may click "next" or "previous" to advance the cycle manually.  You can toggle which models will appear in the cycle by clicking on the link that says "Showing: All Models" by default.  You can click on the "Models" link to manually choose which model to watch in the lounge.

If someone types the name of an online model in the lounge, it will automatically become a link so that anyone can click it and watch that model on their Lounge cam instantly.  If you find yourself clicking on lots of names, consider turning on our "Auto-Click" feature which will automatically change your Lounge video to the model name that was last typed in the lounge.

Also check out the Asian Lounge located on the Asian Homepage.

"Profiles" is what we call the section of our website located at  It contains the custom profiles of all of our models and members that have chosen to build their profiles.  Members and models are allowed and encouraged to fill out some information about themselves and upload photos.  Profile pages have their own ratings, friends, and admirers, and they are generally a lot of fun to browse.

A member's or model's profile page is generally located at a URL like this one:

You can view or edit your own profile at any time by clicking the link in the top-right of your screen in your personal menu.

Note:  Please do not post any pornographic or inappropriate material on your own profile or on the profiles of other models or members.  Please do not post spam or annoying content on your profile or the profiles of others.  Please do not post the same thing on multiple profiles (this is considered spam).  Doing any of these things will cause your account to be suspended.

Our simple goal here is to have as few rules as possible.  There are NO moderators, sheriffs, or over-eager administrators inspecting everything you do.  We want members and models to have fun and be themselves and not worry about arbitrary rules.

We provide powerful tools to both models and members so that no one has to interact with someone they don't like.  Models have full control over their own chat rooms and they can kick anyone out for any reason.  Members have access to an Ignore List and can easily Ignore any member or model any time.

We only require that our members do not do anything illegal or overly disruptive to our community as a whole.  Here are some examples:

1. Please do not do anything illegal.
2. Please do not post inappropriate or pornographic links or images (this is not a porn site).
3. Please do not use degrading, inflammatory or racist language.
4. Please do not intentionally disrupt chat rooms (e.g. flooding, spamming).
5. Please do not intentionally annoy other members or models.
6. Please do not post personal or private information about other models or members.
7. Please do not create usernames with the purpose of impersonating or harassing members, models, or administrators.
8. Please do not claim to be a moderator, administrator, or employee of this website.

It is helpful to remember that there are real people on this website and if you wouldn't do or say something to someone at a restaurant or bar, then why would you do it here?

We take pride in allowing our members and models a great deal of flexbility in what they are allowed to do but here are some important rules we have to follow:

Models are NEVER allowed to do the following (even in private shows or group shows):  have a man on camera or have sexual relations with men, show persons on camera that are not authorized models of this website (particularly children or minors under the age of 18), show pets or animals in a sexual way, "go to the bathroom", breastfeed, do drugs, consume unsafe amounts of alcohol, engage in activities dangerous to one's health or well-being, as well as any other activity that is illegal or obscene as judged by the legal and moral standard of the United States of America.

In Private Shows and Group Shows, models can do anything they like as long as it does not violate the rules above.  Sexually-explicit conduct is allowed.

In Public Chat, sexually-explicit conduct is NOT allowed.  It is impossible to define this term with perfect accuracy, but here are some examples of conduct that would not be allowed:  using sex toys, genital penetration of any kind, masturbation, using the camera to "zoom" into genitalia, and other things of this sort.

At this website, we allow for a great deal of freedom and expression.  This is a place where models and members can be themselves.

Unlike other sites, we do not impose restrictions on speech or behavior, and we do not force models to act in a certain way to please members (or the other way around).

Telling models or members how to act would take away from the honest and *real* interaction on this site.  It would make this site phony and boring.

Above all, it is important to remember that behind the keyboards are genuine people, with genuine emotions, moods, fears, etc.  People have bad days, a few too many drinks, miscommunications (especially online), and some people are just nicer than others.

We are NOT here play school-teacher.  We encourage you to use the Ignore feature to ignore anyone that you do not want to interact with.  We will only intervene in extraordinary circumstances dealing with illegal or highly disruptive behavior, or something that blatantly violates the rules of this website.   If you would like to report such behavior, please Contact us.
Sure!  You can trade e-mails or contact information if you want.  Many of our users and models have formed great friendships (some even got married!) so we would never want to get in the way of that with rules or restrictions.

Also, remember that you can use our private message system as well as our MFC Mail system located in your personal menu.  Your MFC Mail account will save all of your sent and received messages, and you are even notified when the models open and read your messages.
It makes us very happy when our members connect with the models on a personal level and wish to send them a gift.  You are free to exchange address information and send the models whatever you like!

Just one word of caution, however.  Since our models are located in so many places around the world, it is often impossible to guarantee that your gift will actually arrive at its destination, especially in a timely manner.  For this reason we encourage our members to make use of our Tip feature which we personally guarantee is the safest and quickest way to give money to the model.  We realize this is less intimate than you may like, but including a nice message and telling the model what you wish you could get her with the money might be the next best thing!
After reasonably long private sessions, members are asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the performance on a scale from 0 to 10.  The current etiquette on the site is to rate the model a 10 unless you are unhappy in which case you can rate her anything you want.  Tips of sufficient size can also be "rated" a 10.

CamScore uses the model's rating as well as how many tokens she has earned plus other factors to determine where she is listed on the homepage.  New models start with a CamScore of 1000 and then go up and down depending on their performance.
To help minimize overspending and fraud on our site, we have set limits on the amount of money our members can spend in a specific period of time.  For example, a brand new member of our site might find that he can only buy tokens once or twice per day.  We have done this to make sure that any money spent on our site is done legally and responsibly, and so our models are never hurt by fraud.  As members spend more time and money on our site, their limits are gradually increased.

We completely understand if you find these limits frustrating so we have developed some ways for you to remove these limits from your account much faster.  The best way to do this is to go to your My Account section and follow the instructions on getting your limits raised.  This will help separate you as a legitimate customer and we will be able to immediately review your account and raise your limits.  We may even reward you with free tokens for your troubles.  If you have any questions about this, please Contact Us.
Reward points are how we measure customer loyalty at our site.  For every 10 tokens you purchase, you will receive 1 reward point.  As you get more reward points, certain options and features on the website will become available to you.  And while we certainly appreciate and help all our members, those members with higher levels of reward points may receive priority personal customer support for any issue that may come up.

We are constantly working on new ways for members to use reward points.  Your reward points never expire and never get used up.  We look forward to offering more and more features for them soon!

In the list of model pictures, models who have just logged in to MyFreeCams are highlighted yellow for a short period of time to make them easier to spot.  The bright yellow slowly becomes a faded yellow and then disappears completely.  The current model that you are watching is highlighted green.

In your online friends list, if someone is highlighted yellow it means they are typing you a private message.
Models on our site do not have to work on a schedule so they generally come and go as they please.  We do not know why certain models are not online nor when they will be back.  But if there is one specific model you truly miss, we suggest two things:

1. Go to your My Account page and set up a notification alert for her so you are notified when she log on to the site.

2. If you are really desperate, you may Contact Us with her exact model nickname and we will look in our records and e-mail her to see when she will be back and then we will let you know.

Remember that you are welcome to become friends and exchange contact information with the models so if you don't see them online you can contact them yourself. :-)
Please read the solution to this problem on our Technical Help page.
Yes, we have a very cool and simple Bring a Friend system.  Here are the rules:

If you are a premium member, you will be credited 20 tokens for every person that creates a free membership on our site when they come through your link.  Then if any of those friends buys tokens, you get another bonus of 200 tokens.

If you are a registered member, we can't credit you tokens since you are not a premium member yet.  But what we can do is automatically upgrade your membership to premium status as soon as any of the friends that you bring purchase tokens.

Click here to learn more. Have fun!
We are on the site ourselves 24 hours a day so we have learned a few things along the way. :-)  Here are some random tips and suggestions that you might like:

* Notice the "Hide" links in the in the top-left of the website, in the top-right of the website, as well as in the top-right of the model list below the chat rooms.  Click on them and see what happens.  It should give you some much-needed extra space when you are in chat rooms, especially if you are using the Larger Video setting.

* At the top of any model list, notice the link that says "Pause Updates" or "Pause".  Clicking on it will pause our automatic refreshes of the model list.  This will allow you to browse the list easier, and it will prevent your browser from constantly refreshing the page which may slow it down or cause letters to drop when you write in Private Message windows.

* You can watch the webcams right inside PM windows which helps if you want to watch lots of webcams at once.  You can also drag the PM window to resize the video to be any size you want.  You can also click the Hide Chat link in the options menu to give you even better control over the size of the video.

* All of your chats in chat rooms and PMs are stored in your Chat Logs in the My Account page, along with all of your private shows.

* Any strange bugs or errors on the site?  Clear your cache/cookies and restart your browser, or simply restart your computer.  This fixes pretty much all problems.

* Need some help?  Contact us, we are friendly and here to help you with anything.
Please check out our Technical Support Page and our Billing Support Page. If you have read those pages and you still have a question, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you personally.
If you experience ANY problems at all with our site, please do not hesitate to Contact Us right away.  We are around nearly 24 hours a day and we will help you with your problem instantly and perhaps even credit you extra tokens for your troubles!