Jan 22nd, 9:12 AM PST.    59 days ago.
AlyXXperience   All better finally .... let's get back on track this week! Expect me Mon-Thurs 8pm-12am CST and Friday I'll be on even earlier! Can't wait!
Jan 15th, 12:19 PM PST.    66 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Feel free to cheer me up by leaving me offline love towards my Hula Hoop fund, or just by buying videos/etc.! Thanks guys! XO
Jan 15th, 12:19 PM PST.    66 days ago.
AlyXXperience   puffed up like a fucking balloon! Way too self conscious to come online. Wish me luck that it goes away soon cause I'm bored and miss yall!
Jan 15th, 12:18 PM PST.    66 days ago.
AlyXXperience   I'm so sorry, but I'll be offline until further notice I had this really bad allergic reaction to this essential oil I tried, and my face
Dec 15th, 9:30 AM PST.    97 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Offline this morning but open for scheduled TruPvt/Skypes for the next 5 hours! Please email AlyXXperience@gmail.com to schedule! XO
Dec 12th, 6:58 PM PST.    99 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Won't be here tomorrow so come catch me tonight!!
Dec 7th, 6:30 PM PST.    104 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Running behind but I'll be on shortly for a Tipsy Paint night!
Nov 28th, 1:21 PM PST.    114 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Have YOU ever wanted an Aly Calendar? If so, now's the time! Visit my chatroom to ask how to get YOURS! (Also on Store Section of MFC Share)
Nov 14th, 10:10 PM PST.    127 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Update: there is a small chance I will pop on tomorrow but not 100% likely! If I am not here, see ya Thurs & Fri for sure!
Nov 13th, 8:22 PM PST.    128 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Just giving you a heads up I am offline this Wednesday! Catch me Mon&Tues, Thurs&Fri!
Nov 3rd, 9:54 AM PST.    139 days ago.
AlyXXperience   I'll be logging on around 5 CST !! If you'd like to Pvt/Skype with me, your best chance of finding me free is before then. Msg me to sched!
Oct 31st, 4:58 PM PST.    142 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Happy Halloween! Today only get all 8 of my '17 Halloween Vids for 555tks!
Oct 12th, 7:22 PM PST.    160 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Wonder Woman wants YOU! Join us )
Oct 10th, 7:06 PM PST.    162 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Online now, offline tomorrow! Come say hi while you can!
Oct 9th, 7:09 PM PST.    163 days ago.
AlyXXperience   So quiet in my chat, drop in & say hi! It's a great night for TruPvt/Skypes )
Oct 9th, 5:57 PM PST.    164 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Free Teasers to my October Vids on my Profile! Check it out !
Oct 3rd, 2:08 PM PST.    170 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Kicking off October 2nite combining #TuesdayTunesday with #ModelingMonday! Outfit change every goal, & 1/2 off song requests for DJ heroes!
Oct 3rd, 2:07 PM PST.    170 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Schedule posted for Aly-Ween! Teasers will be posted on Twitter so make sure you're following me! MFC mail me for approval @AlyXXperience !
Oct 2nd, 2:21 PM PST.    171 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Most likely won't make it online tonight, just not feeling the best. If this is the case we'll combine Modeling Monday & Tunes Tuesday 2mro!
Sep 21st, 6:33 PM PST.    182 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Profile updated! Check it out if you'd be so kind! Please and thank you! XO
Sep 15th, 9:42 AM PST.    188 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Missing you guys today! Offline because going to a wedding! See you back regular tie Mon-Fri next week!! First full week in... 3 weeks!
Sep 14th, 5:58 PM PST.    189 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Tonight is my Friday! Offline tomorrow evening. After this week I'm back to camming Fridays promise!
Sep 11th, 2:52 PM PST.    192 days ago.
AlyXXperience   New: Become a Pole Patron for 1777tks! Get immediate access to my dropbox folder of dances from both on and off MFC! More info on Profile!3
Sep 6th, 8:37 PM PST.    196 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Tomorrow night is my Friday Night so be sure you come party with me!! I'll be around a few hours Friday daytime but have plans in the evenin
Sep 1st, 9:37 AM PST.    202 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Available for Skypes for Privates/Skypes for the next 4 hours! Contact me to Schedule : AlyXXperience@gmail.com
Aug 31st, 6:17 PM PST.    203 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Tonight's my last evening on cam until Tuesday, I'll be away for labor day weekend! Be sure to grab my Snapchat to stay in touch!
Aug 29th, 6:45 PM PST.    204 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Chat is pretty quiet, its a great night for a TruPvt/Skype! Hit me up for inf, or just come say hi to make me smile!!
Aug 23rd, 9:27 PM PST.    210 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Coming back tomorrow night as ~Cleopatra!~ Bring 69tks to get the costume photoset! )
Aug 23rd, 4:11 PM PST.    211 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Let's get into the top 250 by Friday to do a FREE SYBIAN CUMSHOW! #318 now, how high can we climb 2nite!?
Aug 21st, 9:30 PM PST.    212 days ago.
AlyXXperience   3 HTs Mon-Fri will get a thank you card in the mail which will include an Aly Magnet & Custom Pictures! More Info on Profile! (Int'l=email)
Aug 21st, 6:38 PM PST.    212 days ago.
AlyXXperience   All my Outdoor Vids are 1/2 off (Solo & Girl/Girl)! View my profile for more information!
Aug 19th, 3:32 PM PST.    215 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Ill be back online Monday around 7/8pm central! Look for me! Till then, have a fun & safe weekend everyone! XOXO
Aug 18th, 10:28 AM PST.    216 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Back after a week away!!! I'll be online around 4-11pm cst tonight! Hope to see you
Aug 12th, 12:14 AM PST.    222 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Offline until next Friday! I'll miss you! Grab my snapchat to stay in touch! It's 222tk for a month and 888tks to be set for a full year )
Aug 11th, 12:49 PM PST.    223 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Cam at 5pm Central tonight!! Contact me if interested in setting up 1 on 1 time today! XO
Aug 10th, 5:39 PM PST.    224 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Today & Tomorrow are my last nights online until next Friday the 18th! You should grab my Snapchat to stay in touch while I'm on vaca!
Aug 4th, 3:35 PM PST.    230 days ago.
AlyXXperience   *High Tip Tonight wins a Re-Sellable Custom Video!* This means, anything goes besides names! About 10 mins long
Jul 28th, 11:05 AM PST.    237 days ago.
AlyXXperience   I'll be online in 3 hours from this post!! Hope to see you and have a kick ass Friday! MFC mail me to sched 1 on 1 time! XO
Jul 26th, 6:48 PM PST.    238 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Let's have an awesome #WetWed tonight since I'll be gone tomorrow evening due to a visit from parents! much yay! or not hahah
Jul 25th, 12:28 AM PST.    240 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Get all 4 new videos for 666 tokens! Look in my video section for thumbnails, 9 second previews are available on ManyVids! (122 vids there)
Jul 25th, 12:27 AM PST.    240 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Added to Profile: Under the Chair Ride (300tk) Wedding Night Impregnation (300tk) Backyard Pool Cum (250tk) Slow Motion Trampoline (150tk)!
Jul 21st, 3:13 PM PST.    244 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Pool Video is FiLMED! Get your copy for 200tk! Don't forget to use a tip note, feel free to ask for the details!
Jul 20th, 7:16 PM PST.    244 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Only need 2 more preorders for 200tks until I film! Thanks to all who took me up on it already!!!
Jul 19th, 5:55 PM PST.    246 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Preorder a Public Backyard Blow Up Pool Flashing/Cumming Vid for 200tk! I'll film when I have 10 preorders!
Jul 13th, 11:30 PM PST.    251 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Today's Photoset is uploaded! You can get the Best of Album for 300tk (37 pics) or a Desktop Background for 200! See Profile for previews!
Jul 13th, 11:30 PM PST.    251 days ago.
AlyXXperience   The complete photoshoot password is available for 789tk (214 pics) or download link for 1234tk! Individual smaller albums coming soon! XO
Jul 13th, 7:57 PM PST.    251 days ago.
AlyXXperience   See you tomorrow during the AM & PM! Get excited!! Want to do a cum show that we haven't done since '14 )
Jul 10th, 6:33 PM PST.    254 days ago.
AlyXXperience   3 New Videos posted to my Whiteboard! Reg 550... get all 3 for 400 TODAY ONLY!
Jul 5th, 6:03 PM PST.    260 days ago.
AlyXXperience   This will be my last time online till Monday! Get my weekend snapchat for 88tks! (I'll be going to a wedding & bachelorette party!)
Jul 5th, 6:02 PM PST.    260 days ago.
AlyXXperience   Highest Tip tonight wins a personal snapchat cumshow tomorrow! Will be posted to a private story for nonstop viewing for 24 hours! )

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