Feb 14th, 10:59 PM PST.    31 days ago.
sugarbb_   does anyone want to do my mfc profile in exchange for access to my content ?:suspect
Jan 2nd, 12:26 PM PST.    75 days ago.
sugarbb_   I want to be on Mfc instead of here and keep my rank up
Dec 25th, 1:36 PM PST.    83 days ago.
sugarbb_   Merry Christmas everyone!
Dec 16th, 12:57 PM PST.    92 days ago.
sugarbb_   Hey! I’ll be online tonight ! Come say hi! Also if you had purchased a gift for me from my wishlist I think I will be opening gifts on cam
Dec 15th, 11:30 AM PST.    93 days ago.
sugarbb_   Thanks for giving me my best night on MFC in the history of me!
Nov 19th, 11:49 AM PST.    119 days ago.
sugarbb_   Had such an awesome night/morning! Thank you everyone. Feeling so blessed. Love you all
Oct 18th, 12:26 PM PST.    151 days ago.
sugarbb_   my mfc share page is messed up and i cant edit it here ..grrr
Oct 18th, 2:39 AM PST.    151 days ago.
sugarbb_   more sexy shots like this if you tip 75 on MFC share. The album will keep growing too so it is relly a good deal. XOXO
Oct 18th, 2:38 AM PST.    151 days ago.
sugarbb_   Im taking a brak tonight but you can go to my profile and check out my MFC share page for videos and I just posted a new sexy hallowen album
Oct 14th, 6:00 PM PST.    154 days ago.
sugarbb_   YAY! Thank you guys so much for helping me get a camscore over 5000 with all of yuor support!! Luv you. You kick ass!
Sep 18th, 2:43 AM PST.    181 days ago.
Bbragus   I'm going to be at AdultCon in LA Sunday September 24th! I'll keep you posted on the tie when it comes closer. Come meet me in person!
Sep 4th, 1:55 AM PST.    195 days ago.
Bbragus   thank you everyone for a great night. Love you! i am going to bed because i have to wake up early tomorrow! xoxo
Aug 30th, 10:13 AM PST.    200 days ago.
Bbragus   all big boob videos only 200 tokens today! help me stay in the 300's! I'll be online earlier tonight.
Aug 5th, 4:33 PM PST.    224 days ago.
Bbragus   sorry i had to leave abruptly
Jul 24th, 3:56 PM PST.    237 days ago.
Jul 24th, 3:55 PM PST.    237 days ago.
Bbragus   first 3 tippers get all videos for 200 tokens!
Jul 18th, 4:16 AM PST.    243 days ago.
Bbragus   Snapchat sale! only 199 tokens from now until 2pm
Jun 26th, 4:25 AM PST.    265 days ago.
Bbragus   hey guys! Sorry if i didn't get a chance to say bye to you! I signed off after private because its super late, even for me . Love you! xoxo
Jun 15th, 4:51 AM PST.    276 days ago.
Bbragus   i might be online on and off today trying to earn 2076 tokens more before midnight. thanks for your contributions everyone. xoxo
Jun 7th, 2:37 AM PST.    284 days ago.
Bbragus   Sorry guys, my back up laptop sucks. I'll be back on later tonight. Follow me on twitter and maybe you'll see me throughoutthe day
Apr 10th, 2:46 PM PST.    342 days ago.
Bbragus   Kinda sad about my cam score. I do requests for tips. Check out my tip menu. And if it's not on the menu don't hesitate to ask.Thanks !
Apr 10th, 2:21 AM PST.    342 days ago.
Bbragus   be back in 5 mins
Mar 31st, 8:20 PM PST.    351 days ago.
Bbragus   All big boob videos only 100 tokens! Hurry offer ends at 11:59
Mar 28th, 6:08 PM PST.    354 days ago.
Bbragus   Try to come see me at my new show time 8am PST! I miss you late night/early morning regulars
Feb 17th, 1:11 PM PST.    394 days ago.
Bbragus   Only 30 more followers to reach 200. Follow me ! @bbragusmfc
Feb 9th, 1:15 AM PST.    402 days ago.
Bbragus   whoa! my broadcaster thing is going nuts! like keeps starting to log in then then stopping. Never seen it do this before.
Jan 30th, 12:54 PM PST.    412 days ago.
Bbragus   dont forget to follow me @bbragusMFC to find out when I sign on. Also about the raffle, i meant to change 1 hour date to 2 hour date.
Dec 25th, 2:02 PM PST.    448 days ago.
bbragus   Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo
Dec 12th, 12:27 PM PST.    461 days ago.
bbragus   I'm online now cum see me, so far shirt off
Dec 8th, 8:42 AM PST.    465 days ago.
bbragus   New sexy photos added to a number of the albums. Passwords are 25 tokens each or 100 for all!
Dec 1st, 4:34 AM PST.    472 days ago.
bbragus   Thanks so much for the awesome night everyone! Hope you have a nice day. Love you! xoxo
Nov 22nd, 8:29 AM PST.    481 days ago.
bbragus   Snapchat and video sale! Only 444 for both! (Normally 450+999) sale ends at midnight
Nov 22nd, 12:38 AM PST.    481 days ago.
bbragus   Miss you guys
Nov 15th, 12:50 PM PST.    488 days ago.
bbragus   Special last day of pay period SALE. One day only, videos are only 69 tokens each, 143 for any 4 or 333 for all!!
Nov 7th, 12:29 PM PST.    496 days ago.
bbragus   album pws are only 5 tokens each today!
Oct 30th, 3:59 AM PST.    504 days ago.
bbragus   thank you so much everyone ! love you! gnite
Oct 29th, 11:42 PM PST.    504 days ago.
bbragus   Im going online now
Oct 27th, 8:42 PM PST.    506 days ago.
bbragus   Official Tip menu up
Oct 27th, 8:41 PM PST.    506 days ago.
bbragus   No one writes on my wall
Oct 27th, 9:17 AM PST.    507 days ago.
bbragus   updated my profile, new video packages!
Oct 18th, 11:59 PM PST.    515 days ago.
bbragus   im online !
Sep 15th, 2:08 AM PST.    549 days ago.
bbragus   I'm online ! come visit me ! all videos for 567 today!
Sep 6th, 2:05 PM PST.    558 days ago.
bbragus   Curious about the passwords for those galleries on my profile? nows the time to get the pws. 100 for all! you will not regret
Aug 31st, 5:36 PM PST.    563 days ago.
bbragus   sorry for leaving abruptly! xoxo, everythings fine! miss you ! see you at 11:30 maybe!
Aug 23rd, 7:58 AM PST.    572 days ago.
bbragus   Hi guys! I posted some info on a little raffle i am having. Please buy tickets! Id really appreiate it! xoxo
Aug 19th, 10:02 AM PST.    576 days ago.
bbragus   Super sale! 3 videos of your choice only 99 tokens
Aug 12th, 7:24 AM PST.    583 days ago.
bbragus   can anyone help me with an offline tip button for my profile in exchage for a couple vids, pic galleries ?
Jul 31st, 2:30 PM PST.    595 days ago.
bbragus   It's the last day and I'm trying to land in the top 250. Ty so much for all of your support! All tips appreciated!
Jul 24th, 6:01 AM PST.    602 days ago.
bbragus   ANY 3 videos for only 100 tokens! Please help get me in the top 250 this month
Jul 21st, 1:45 PM PST.    605 days ago.
bbragus   Boobies album just updated ! Only 25 to view !

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