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BlairWaters  View Full Profile

   "Join me in TruePrivate exclusively yours..."

Gender: Female
Country: France
Age: 108
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Ethnicity: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight Units: pounds
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Athletic
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Moderate
Drugs: Never
About Me: Blair Hello my name is Blair and reside in the U.S. A while ago I worked at a few bars and even Coyote Ugly. Camming was always a way to be secure in my home and meet cool people online, women and men. Collecting art is a big deal to me, and art gala’s are my weakness. Along with wine and men who own beards…but any guy who is funny and enjoys drive in’s are ok with me.. I love home fixtures and older homes, cottages, and some victorians, and hope to soon one day own a older crafty home, to grow and build in. Vintage and lace are my comforts, and a house full of flowers and french music make me weak. Reading is key, so often books are needed for comfort in these wicked, wicked times. I love to masturbate and love being sexual and being someone’s muse…   Visuals…..Oui Vidos mon amour? The Gypsy's Curse Your gypsy witch makes a potion to make you have an erection...potionmaking--&--cumming 24min 333 tokens Thrust (A silent Video) Do you enjoy my waist? Can I show you how I would thrust my hips? (A silent Video) 4min 15sec 120 tokens Raw Footage you want a quickie? why don't you just cum and leave? this is quick? poke then go! 3min 115 tokens Afternoon Bj (POV) I crawl on my hands and knees & suck your soul out your dick (wet mouth & teary eyes ) 8min 9sec 200 tokens Her.. Views on my ass in many ways, watch me bend over a public staircase just bare...let me enchant you 7min 03sec 130 tokens Melting Vault Glitter upon me, sunlight beams in, coffee in hand, Good morning my down 5min 100 tokens A Night Cap you take the dancer home, and have her ride and dance for you all night... 11min 21sec 230 tokens nymphomaniac... a woman who has abnormally excessive & uncontrollable sexual desire, cant stop touching myself sir.. 3min 17sec 100 tokens Midnight Ride.. Taking my new bush for a ride...Slow ups and downs upon the dildo and shiny bush to view... 6min 45sec 140 tokens With me The riding session, twirling my hips about...enjoy me..all of me 6min 21 sec 140 tokens With me pt 2 Shall we finish? watch me cum my love (Part 2 vid of pt1) 7min 29sec 140 tokens Sonya Blade Cosplay Game style cum video of me as Sonya Blade, guns and cigars & boobs 13min 45 sec 320 tokens A Soft Woman... After a long shower, I show off my body, fingertips, oh so soft 4min 22sec 120 tokens Silhouette Blue Darks Deep in the woods, in a cottage... the day was hot & thick for Silhouettes & skin 4min 26sec 120 tokens Can U Handle It (Pt1) Riding deep, this is very Intense riding. Sneaky smirking till you pop 5min 27sec 130 tokens Can U Handle It? (Pt2) After a steamy day at gym. I let you get behind me & let you go deep. Creamy and Wet Pumping Session 7min 46sec 130 tokens RuLES Bans always last FOREVER! BEWARE!!!!!!!!! I am “Woke”—as fuckkkkk!!! so you’re backhanded comments will also get you banned! Google “woke” if you don’t know what it means…..   -Do not say things like Black ass, Ebony, or black pussy, be a gentleman, a woman is what Blair is, race talk is not allowed -You DO NOT make up your on video deals, only me! if i am running a deal that day that’s my special deal, do not try to recommend a deal OR tip and ask for more if you tip a bit more. You need to mfc mail for questions! NOT in my chat. This is not a Auction Show! Ban for Life! if you disregard my warnings!!!! -Say hello before you complement saying things like”Nice ass” or “Great tits”, when you come in my chat without saying hello, you will be banned! -Blair is the boss, not you, Blair does what she wants -No negotiating prices, or asking me how much to bend, these questions belong in tip note or mfc mail me. -No chatting about other models in my room ever! -No mmmm’s, you will be banned asap No sex gifs, or sex motes Tip exact amount for all requests No suggesting or Demands Ever Blair Bans for lifetime with no warning, and no tip amount in world can unban you, Blair will never talk to your fugly face again if you make her feel sad, or like a sex bot. Blair will NEVER unban you Follow me even in rain...
Occupation: Voice-Over (AudioBooks)
School: University
Favorite Food: Cake
Pets: Devil
Automobile: Magic Carpet
Perfect Mate: Vampire
Perfect Date: Sports Bar
Meaning Life: StayAlive...
Know Me: Im like so cool, and really really good looking
Favorite Books: Stephen KIng
Favorite Songs: Waiting room music
Favorite Movies: 90's flicks
Hobbies: Write
Talents: Making plants grow
Turn Ons: Liars
Be Anywhere: Bermuda Triangle
Five Things: Tarot Cards, Art, Air, Food, Money, Chainsaw
For Fun: Ride 4 wheeler