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RainbowLane  View Full Profile

   "Troubling and exciting all at the same time"

Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 29
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 110
Weight Units: pounds
Height: 68
Height Units: inches
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Occasional
Drugs: Never
About Me: Home About Me Rules Tip Menu Videos Store Snapchat Info My name is Mer! (Rhymes with Bear) Its short for Meredith. Im 28 and live somewhere in the south. I am not going to give you my state or town, so please don't ask. Im not your quintessential southern girl, though. Most people cant even tell Im from the south unless I get mad and start talking really fast. I LOVE to talk, so there is absolutely NO reason to be shy! Say hello! Tell me about your day! Im a horror movie buff (no, not slasher flicks), so I am ALWAYS down to hear about any good paranormal, nightmare-giving movies coming out. Most importantly, I like to have fun and get to know everyone that comes in my room. Im uber friendly and expect kindness from everyone. Come on in and say hello! 1) Be respectful! This is a place for fun hangs and chill conversations! (and also super sexy time shows... but duh!) 2) No demanding things that you don't tip for! And for the love of God, don't ask me to stand up. 3) Dont ask me super personal questions. Where I live, who I fuck, when I fuck, etc. These are things that I like to keep private. 4) SAY HELLO! I love getting to know new people! I am super friendly and absolutely adore some good conversation! 5) Tokens aren't everything, but they ARE appreciated. If you like what you see, please let me know with a token of your affection. Any size is always received with love! I know not everyone can tip all the time, but I do hope you will try to pitch in when you can! Contributing to chat, promoting in lounge, and retweeting is always helpful, too! It's a group effort and I love when my Care Bears work together! And PLEASE don't draw attention to the fact that you can't/won't tip. You will be ignored/muted/kicked for that. 6) Don't ask or tip me to do things that are not on my menu (without approval first) or that I dont offer. No anal penetration, no choking, no deep throating, no gagging, no spit, no fisting. "Real Quick PM" - 10 You love me! - 15 Favorite number - 17 Song Request (provide link) - 20 Booty Flash - 30 Spanks - 40 Boobies - 45 Pussy flash - 50 Pussy spanks - 70 (add spatula +50) 10 Spatula spanks - 85 Friend add (PM any time) - 100 Pillow ride - 110 Suck Fingers - 115 Pussy play - 120 Suck a dildo - 150 Ride a dildo - 175 Close up penetration - 200 Spread that ass - 210 Tease that ass (no penetration) - 220 Cum denial (24 hrs) - 1234 Cum denial save - 1345 Me Day/Dream Tip - 12000 **Custom videos** - 800 tokens per 10 min if they cant be resold (saying your name, super specific situation that arent marketable, etc.) 600 tokens if they can be resold. **Custom photos** - 200 tokens for a 10 pack. **Mailed panties** - 1000 tokens (2000 if outside of the US) Completely customizable. **Care package** - 1000 tokens (1500 if outside of the US) Baked goods, polaroids, hand-written letter, panties. 500 tokens for life. (Must remain an active tipper to stay in the special group that gets to see the super sexy snaps) No dick snaps, please! Screenshots are ok, just dont get greedy. Dont share my snap name. My snap is just my daily life, some sexy times, and my pups. I have a Snap menu that you can order from, though! Interact! I love interacting with my Snap friends! Show me your daily life! Send Snaps of your pets! But please be respectful. I wont be able to chat 24/7. Kiss - 5 Sexting - 5 tokens per message (text only) Spank - 10 Say your name - 15 Write your name on me - 20 Boobies! - 50 Pussy! - 65 Personal Cum Snap/watch you cum - 750 Story Cum Snap - 1500 Naughty in Public (no cum) - 500 Send me a dick snap/Rate it - 200 Unban - 2000 (Sending dick snaps without payment will result in getting banned)
Favorite Food: Anything spicy
Pets: 2 rescues that rescued me
Automobile: Totes a lambo
Perfect Mate: Someone who is funny and has a dirty sense of humor. I am quite sarcastic and vulgar, so anyone that can keep up with that has my attention.
Perfect Date: Coffee all night long with some scary movies.
Meaning Life: 42
Know Me: Because I'm sweet, but I can turn feisty really quick and that is always fun (and I am told adorable) to watch. I am pretty much just walking entertainment... at my own expense, usually.
Favorite Books: What my Mother Doesn't Know; A Clockwork Orange; The Lake House
Favorite Songs: 90's... the sounds of my childhood! I also love rock!
Favorite Movies: The Crow; Oculus; Dancer in the Dark; Anything that will give me nightmares.
Hobbies: I love swimming and could live in the water if it were possible. I love singing, too!
Talents: Singing and playing guitar (badly playing guitar)
Turn Ons: I love sweet and respectful people! I LOVE a good sense of humor, too! Let's have fun together! I DON'T tolerate demanding of any kind. Don't dick around and waste my time... it also kills my mood. If you want me primed and ready to go, make it short and sweet and lets get to business. Talk is cheap.
Craziest Thing: Traveled across the world on a whim.
Be Anywhere: Somewhere in Scandinavia
Five Things: Phone, music, salty foods, scary movies, my dogs
For Fun: I like to play and write music